2014 so far…weeks 17-28


I have been behind in posts, but since I got back from Africa things have been pretty crazy. At the end of January we had our year-end inventory, and also my dad’s 60th birthday. It was the first time I was so far away for his birthday, but planning on setting up a trip for him to come out here, after the summer heat of course.

Dad Bday

I went to the Bahrain International Air Show which was AWESOME!  For an aviation geek it is fun to get out and see the planes. It was one of the best air shows I have seen. Teams from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and UK were there. Check out www.arkmanphotography.com for more photos.

IMG_3372IMG_2851IMG_3458 IMG_2658 IMG_2282 IMG_2189

February was my mom’s birthday, which is always difficult time of year.

first and last with mom

Our inventory results came out and they were pretty good. We have some work to do, but not bad. Then, just as things were starting to get going and settling down, the person who is my direct supervisor decided to leave the company. He has some stuff to handle back home and so this added to my responsibility (more to come later).  Notice I did not mention anything about that embarrassing so called “super bowl”…yeah, I am not going to.

The end of February I went to yet another country, Qatar. In the 33 years I lived in the United States, I visited one country and that was Mexico in 2012 (unless you count Texas in 2000). Since I have moved overseas I now have  8 stamps on my passport. 8!!! And in 6 months!!!! That is just insane. But I am getting to enjoy a lot. In Qatar, I got to play in a hockey tournament with my hockey friends from Bahrain. I was the only American on the team, and had some of the most hockey experience I have ever had. While we didn’t win a game, we had A TON OF FUN!

 Screenshot_2014-03-01-12-06-54-1 IMG_20140228_085738
IMG_20140228_230344 IMG_20140301_065355

IMG_20140301_125054 IMG-20140301-WA0001 IMG-20140228-WA0010








I got the guys to do the wave, we cheered on our friends from other teams, and we really learned a lot. I am trying to pick up some Arabic as well as Tagalog and Urdu…with little success. I can figure out what people are saying and kind of get a conversation.

I enjoy playing with guys who want to learn the game and who want to have fun. Yeah, losing sucks, but I have been on teams that win a lot and sometimes they just don’t have fun. You see them at tournaments too. A lot of pressure to win. Nobody is getting the Stanley Cup or drafted in the NHL so just have fun with it. Once you learn to relax and have fun the success will come. That is what I am trying to do with my time here in Bahrain. I am trying to have fun and let the rest come. If you know me, this is difficult to do. I want to know where I am going and what the end is. In April we go to Dubai for another tournament and I am really looking forward that trip. 




In December, while I was in Djibouti, the Detroit Red Wings played the Toronto Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium in the Winter Classic. I had planned to go to the game when I was in the U.S., but obviously I was far far away. Over the past few years I have chatted over Twitter with Fox Sports Detroit reporter Dana Wakiji. She was so awesome and sent me an official program and a coffee mug from the game! Very cool. I got some stuff to send back to her, but it meant so much that she did that for me. Now, hopefully the Red Wings make the playoffs for the 23rd year in a row!

IMG_20140306_155836Recently, I attended the Indian Holi festival where a friend of mine was one of the DJs. Very fun time, and again, great people. More photos from that coming soon.


Just before I left for Qatar, I was notified that my new car had arrived. I bought it in December and it took a couple months to get shipped over here. A 2014 Ford Focus ST, it is a lot of fun. Just a few pics, but more to come for sure. IMG_20140325_073803   Oh yeah…and I got some photos done too. I don’t think I posted this one here, but even if I did, here it is again. It is project I found online (yes, Pinterest) and thought it looked fun and challenging. This is my version of the mirror trick.

2242 _1

  Another thing I got to attend was a men’s summit at the base which was great. I have met a lot of really great guys from all over and it is a fun blessing to be able to share this experience with all of them. I am learning a lot about the world and especially myself. As you all know, I am very fond of sunsets, so I leave you with my latest. Bahrain Sunset

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