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Ask anyone who knows me and they would probably have said I was the last person to even think of leaving California. Well, after 32 years I did just that. I picked up everything I had and moved to Washington state. Living in Washington has been an amazing adventure and I am now continuing my adventure by moving to Bahrain. I will update this more when I get a chance to actually think about what I want to say. 🙂

Why start a blog? I figured that instead of sending a barrage of emails to all the people I love and want to keep updated on my life, a blog would be easier. We shall see.

Why Chicken Rice and Broccoli? When I was a freshman in high school my mom started law school. After four years of law school and another two working to pass the bar exam, my dad was in charge of the kids and dinner. After quite a few interesting attempts at figuring out what was the quickest cooking meal that teenagers would eat, and having to make it somewhat edible, my dad settled on chicken, rice, and broccoli (CRB for short). When I moved out on my own I figured out why: grocery shopping was easier, cooking time was quick, and with a couple of spices here and there you could make it all taste different every time. Add in the fact that if you buy a large pack of chicken thighs, cooking them all at one time cuts down on your daily cooking time! Every time I think of CRB I remember home and that is what my goal is with this blog; to bring some part of home with me and share my adventures with my family and friends.

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  3. Hey.”wow”This has taken years to see you,Since you were here.I hear your going to be in,”R.I”,soon..,great lobster,and clam chowder..lol ENJOY THAT…chat when U get settled..Judy

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