Week 55: Big news!


I am working on getting back into the groove of writing up posts more often. So since I just caught up with the summer, here is what is up most recently. 

A few friends came over to visit and we cooked out, swam around, and laughed. Great people. I had the chance to use my GoPro, giving it to the kids to play with. Check out the video:

Over the summer, a position back in the US came open and I put in for it, meaning I would be coming back to the states. I was not selected and therefore prepared myself to remain in Bahrain for the rest of my tour, and possibly extend for another 18 months.

About a month later, I received another call that I was headed back to the US with some conditions involved, one of which was to put in for a promotion. After weighing my options, the promotion was where I decided to go, and I was selected! So in November I will be making my first trip to the east coast and will be working in Newport, Rhode Island.

rhode island

The adventure will continue and will post here about some of the updates that are going on, and also reflecting on my time in Bahrain. 

Speaking of reflecting, since I last posted not only did I pass 1 year in Bahrain, but also 2 years since I left probation. Here is the Facebook post from my last day. What a ride.

last day probation 

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    • Hi! Thanks for finding the blog and reading. Hope you are enjoying Bahrain. It really is quite an interesting place to experience.

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