Don’t you get bored?

Noah Dubai

Don’t you get bored?

I get asked this question a lot. Maybe not those exact words, but people will usually ask me:

Have you met any friends?

What have you done out there?

Are you dating anyone yet?

What are you doing for (insert holiday here)?

And usually they offer suggestions: I went there and did this…or you should do this or that…or try this. I appreciate the questions and concerns, but I guess I just take my time. Do things my way. Yeah, some times it bites me in the ass, but it works for me. Call me a loser, a loner, or whatever you want but its just me.

I like being with me. These past few years doing things just me has been pretty nice. Of course I have made great friends, met amazing people, dated, and probably a few enemies here and there as well. It happens. I think I have always been that way.

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I like to do what I like to do. Sometimes I just want to stay home and watch stupid shit on TV, look through the internet and read stuff, or work on school. I should do more. I thought I had done everything I had wanted in California, and while I did a bunch of things I wanted there are still things I left on the table. In Washington there were things I missed out on doing, but I am still happy with the things I did and people I met.

I guess what I have learned from moving to new places is for patience. Since moving to Rhode Island, I have been somewhat hampered by the stress and costs of moving as well as work, but I know things will come. Patience has always been something for me to work on, and I think that moving has helped me with that. On the other side of it, I have to understand that I cannot force things. Forcing things to happen has bit me as well. Good things will come in time, and to get to the good things, you might have to struggle. Bahrain really taught me that.

It took me about 3-4 months to get settled in and find my groove. Once I found it, I appreciated everything that much more. Holidays have come and gone and I have missed my family, but the adventure has been worth it. For the longest time I stuck through to help others. To help my family. This adventure is about me though. I guess about finding myself. Learning new things.

So since this is Easter weekend it is actually looking more and more like spring, I want to make the most of time. I want to know that I will leave Rhode Island, whenever that is, looking back and see that I made this part of my adventure worthwhile.

So here are some things I want to do while I am here in Rhode Island. These are some rough ideas and I will be more specific later. Of course there are the main things: playing hockey, focus on my work and school, but I want more than just that. I am fine being alone, and I know in time more friends will come. I have always just been cool doing my own thing. I don’t want to sit on my computer all day, sit on social media, or play video games. There is more to life than all that. I am excited for the adventures. I am excited to travel and explore.

  • Visit the historical sites. This is the area where the country was created, founders born and raised, and ideas created that have changed the world. I want to explore all that.
  • Visit Boston. In Washington, I missed out on some of the big towns and the areas there. I want to make sure I see Boston.
  • Visit New York. It is only a 2 hour drive, and there are flights and buses that go there as well. Always wanted to see it all.
  • Read more. I read a few books during the time in Bahrain, but I want to read more. I feel the weather here is right for it. Right now, I am sitting on my computer and looking out to the ponds with the sun and sky out. It is cheap entertainment and it just feels like something nice to do.
  • Find a “spot.” I had a great bar I went to in Silverdale. Same thing in Bahrain. It makes it so nice when you have a place to go regularly. I plan on finding something here.
  • Take more pictures. I have not done too much shooting yet, and I need to expand my photography. The main reason I got into photography was to capture beautiful landscapes. There is no shortage of that here.
  • Challenge myself. By doing the things above I will challenge myself, but I know there are more things I can do. I need to find those things.
  • Write more. I like this blog and I hope those who read it do too. It helps me to tell the stories of what I am doing and while also keeping me in touch with family and friends.
  • Take a break from social media. I did this last year after I got back from Djibouti. I promised myself to stay off until my birthday. It was almost six months. It was so nice to not check my phone, looking for things. I’ll do it again this year, maybe for longer.

In the beginning, Washington scared to shit out of me. Being so new with everything and not knowing what the future held was scary. I don’t think I had a drinking problem, but I know I was drinking more than I used to. Whether that was being scared or depressed or whatever, it was something I relied on. I’ve cut that down quite a bit, even since being in Bahrain and here in Rhode Island.

So here in my new land I have these things I want to do. Things I want to accomplish. I don’t know how long I will be here in Rhode Island, but I cannot focus on the next step in my adventure. I need to learn to focus on the now. If I sit and wonder about what is next, I will accomplish nothing.


So here is my list and I will make sure to update it with more things I find, and get more detailed with what I have already set forth.

In this world we have our families. We have our friends. We have our adventurs. But what is all that if we do not know ourselves?

Happy Easter to everyone.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading. Love to hear from you! :)