FINALLY! Update!


I think I have sat down to write this about a dozen times. In my head I have written it probably three times that. I don’t know why I have waited. I have been busy, but not THAT busy. While I know this isn’t about readership or documenting daily life, it is has helped a lot. It has helped me in the transition in so many ways. The past seven years have been a whirlwind with so many changes. Some of it has been about focusing on trying to move on from Rhode Island. Yes, I have been enjoying it, and summer was fun. So I guess here is the last year or so of what has been going on.

Last I wrote, I was hanging out at the balloon festival and BBQ competition. Following a bad sunburn that lasted awhile, the summer ended. Not too much excitement for the rest of the summer. Rhode Island is obviously small, and while there is a small town feel about it, it is still New England attitude. So when there are small type of events, it is fun to attend. At the mall, they have this water fire event where from spring to November they light up small cauldrons up and down the river. Kayakers go through and light the fires and they burn throughout the night. I went twice and got some fun pictures and it was something different and fun.

Throughout the rest of 2015, which seems forever ago, I trudged through and finally an opportunity at work came that I was excited about. That November, I applied for it and was accepted, but could not report until February 2016. Another move, and this time to Virginia Beach, VA. If you’re counting, that is one move every year since 2012. Well, in Newport I was there longer than a year, two cold winters was enough for me.

From November to February it was difficult dealing with holidays as usual, and facing another change of everything. I didn’t LOVE Newport, but I didn’t exactly hate it. I think my distaste for it was because of how I got there. Thinking back, I realize it has changed me a lot more than I thought and I put some things into perspective. Today, I am thankful for my time in Newport for many reasons. One very big reason in particular that I would not find out about until later….HER.

When I came back to this job, there was one thing I really wanted to do. I wanted to come to Virginia Beach, to corporate. I felt that this was a place for me and the work I wanted to do so I was excited about this opportunity. I left Newport in February 2016 and drove through a minor snow storm to make it to Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach is an interesting place, a mixture of what reminds me of a beach community back home in California and also the outlying suburbs. The difference between east coast and west coast is that on the west coast summer is constant. There doesn’t seem like a bad time to go to the beach. On the east coast, summer is between Memorial Day and Labor Day and that’s it. After Labor Day, the pools get covered, the tourists go home, and the focus is on winter. No matter if it is still in the 80s during October. I was able to find a place near the beach, and found hockey was more available here than it was in Rhode Island.

During the summer I had some time off and decided to take a drive out to see my family in Ohio that I hadn’t seen in quite some time. Almost twenty years in fact. Most of my family on my dad’s side is from there and it was so special to see my great and uncle and all my cousins. I went there when I was 19 with my grandmother and had always meant to go back but never did. Finally going back was a special thing and I was very happy to have done so.

In September I finally go to do something I had not done in three years. I went home to California. I surprised my little niece and met my new baby nephew. It was great to see my family, hang out with my dad, and just smell home. It was so good.

In October, I got to head back to Massachusetts to shoot youth hockey again which was a lot of fun. It is great to be around the sport and the people I work with are great. I also met with my girlfriend and went to the pumpkin festival in New Hampshire which was very….New Hampshirie….haha. It was a great time though and the colors in fall are just beautiful.

In November, I met up with my dad and headed to Mexico for a week. He wanted to go diving and needed a travel partner, so I joined him. That was probably the first “vacation” I have taken in well, forever. I’ve taken time off here and there and travelled for work, but nothing like a big vacation. I didn’t do much except go into town and hang out by the pool, but spending the time with my dad was the best. I am glad I got to go with him.

The rest of the holidays came and went, and now it is 2017. The Broncos aren’t in the playoffs and the Red Wings look like they’re about to drop their over two decade streak of making the playoffs. The future for both teams does look bright, however.

I am thankful for the people I have met along this whole journey and the experiences I have had. This year has an unknown outlook and I think that there will be many changes in store. Hopefully positive.

I feel like this should be more in-depth, something longer or with more pictures. I don’t know if it is exactly what I have been thinking of writing this whole time, but I know I needed to get this up. I plan on updating it more throughout the year and beyond.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading. Love to hear from you! :)