Have Fun While You’re at Camp

Looking back, I think I have always been a cynical person. Usually not quickly adjusting to change, or questioning being told what to do, I have always questioned people’s motives. While I have tried to shake this, it is still just me being me. I can see how people think I am angry or not happy with something, especially because the rest of my personality is….outspoken a bit. The truth is, I am not happy with where I am, or the circumstances I have found myself in, but it is where I am I have to deal with it. Not much of a choice without some crazy circumstances at this time. My hope is that in the near future things may change.

warwick sunrise

It has been eight months now since I returned to the United States. I left to Bahrain under some negative circumstances, and returned fourteen months later under not so great circumstances as well. I figured that it would take me until about May to start to feel “settled in” here, and I was about right. I am starting to feel a little bit better about being in here in Rhode Island. I think actually seeing the sun helps. Next time I move, I would hope that I can move during the spring or summer. When I moved to Washington, it was just as autumn began and winter came through. It sucked. I got the seasonal affective disorder big time. Then, moving to Bahrain, it was just about winter, but winter was actually okay over there. I moved to Rhode Island again during the winter and again it sucked.

Obviously, my attitude has been noticed by others I work around. One of my coworkers told me something that made sense. She kept asking me if it was getting better and what plans I had. Like Bahrain, I got here focused on what is next. And again, I have found myself saying that I need to be in the moment and enjoy what I have here. I got comfortable in Bahrain and eventually enjoyed it. I am starting to feel that way here. My coworker told me “have fun while you’re at camp.” That made sense to me. I can sit here and hate this place, or just accept what it is and enjoy it. Having fun while I am at camp.

What does that look like for me? I guess I don’t really know. I just have to be happy with whatever it is choose to do here. Now that the sun has started to come out, it is a lot nicer of a place to see. Not that the snow was ugly, but it as sooo annoying. I understand what people say when they really enjoy the four seasons.

About two months ago, I got to go to an actual live hockey game. That was pretty cool. I missed live sports. The Dunkin Donuts Center “The Dunk” in Providence is a small little stadium but fun atmosphere.

prov bruins

Minor league games are fun, and the Providence Bruins were winding down their season. They had missed the playoffs and some of the young talent was down there finishing the AHL season. One of the people I went with, it was her first hockey game, and she said with all the music playing that it felt like she was at a wedding. I had never thought about it, but yeah it was. The music they play during intermission and time stoppages is very similar to wedding music. A fun atmosphere.

Following the game, we went out to a local bar which had a lot of craft beers on tap. Craft beers are pretty popular up here, I would even dare to say even more so than in the northwest. I California, I was introduced to a nice IPA called Green Flash. I like IPAs. Green Flash is prey hoppy and at this bar they had it on tap. I got it because I hadn’t had it since I was in California years ago. It was good. They called it a pallet killer and yeah it is…but sooo good.


I also got to play some hockey. I was asked to sub a couple of games toward the end of the season on a local team in Cranston. Boy am I out of shape on the ice. I was playing with others at my skill level, but the larger ice and just the overall speed of the game was beyond what I have played with overseas. I held my own though, and once the season starts up again I look forward to playing if I can afford. Donations to the get Noah to play hockey fund are always welcome. 


I got a chance to travel to Virginia for work in April. There was not much sightseeing, but I got to meet a lot of people who I have only talked to over the phone or email. It was great to make those connections and a lot of good work was done, making plans for the future of our department.

fenway hdr

For any sports fan, and in fact anyone in the U.S., Fenway Park should be on your bucket list. Like the Red Sox or not, it is the oldest stadium in MLB and there is so much history. A friend hit me up to go to Boston and check it out over Memorial Day weekend and they just so happened to be playing the Los Angeles Angels. I got a quick tour of Boston and will definitely be returning to see all of the awesome sites around. Coming from California, history is usually seeing some of the Chumash Indian locations and buildings are old if they are from the 1920s. My grandparents’ house in Malibu is from the 40s or 50s and my grandmother’s home in Santa Monica was built in the 20s or 30s I think. In Boston, they have a cemetery where British Revolutionary soldiers are buried. The Freedom Trail, other buildings where the beginning of America was started. So awesome. I will definitely be back.

noah angels fenway

Fenway was amazing. In California, we are lucky that Angels Stadium and Dodger Stadium are built out and large stadiums. In Seattle, San Diego, and Boston, the stadiums are in the middle of the city and built up. It is much more intimate and very cool to be part of the game. Yeah, there are bad seats, seats that are blocked, and the old wooden seats are not very comfortable. But it is where the greats played. You get such a feeling of history when you are there. I got some great photos when I was there and plan on being back soon.

The weather is starting to get better and more adventures are in store. I look forward to getting out and taking more pictures of the historical places around and enjoying the area. I knew it would take time, and I accepted that when I first got here. Pretty soon I will travel to New York and Maine for work. In California, we can travel for hours and not even be outside of the state. Here, you travel for a couple of hours and you can drive through four or five states.


In May, my birthday came and went with no real fanfare. Not much of a big deal. Some coworkers got me a card, which was actually really funny and one of the best I have seen. It had a list of “That’s what she said” quotes on it and made me laugh. The cupcakes were good too. Mother’s Day is always difficult and this year was the same. Eight years since my mom passed away. It was good to reflect on all those times. Here is the post I wrote back in October about the experiences my family and I went through. Thanks for all the positive feedback from everyone regarding that post.

noah and mom mom and kids spa dad and ns

Sadly, the Red Wings lost in the playoffs and Mike Babcock left for the Maple Leafs. Babcock and Holland have set up a good core of players and the team is in a good place for the future. Hopefully a couple of offseason moves and they will definitely continue with the longest playoff streak in sports. The Broncos should be back in a good position with their head coaching change as well. The summer lull of sports will be filled with Angels baseball, NASCAR, and other random sports I find.


Since there is not too much interesting stuff going on, I have tried to make sure that I have good stuff to post, so that is why the break in between posts here. I am actually working on doing a podcast, either by myself or with a friend, so that should be coming out soon as well.

Until then, I will be having fun while I am at camp.

Thanks for reading!


Thanks for reading. Love to hear from you! :)