How did I get here?

I am moving to Bahrain in September. Ever since I was told I would be moving I have asked myself “Is this really happening?”

This time last year I was going through a bit of a rough time as I was again going through promotions at my last job with Ventura County Probation in California. I loved being a Probation Officer. I really did. As cliché as it sounds, I wanted to help people any way I could and show those who did not have a lot of positive things going on in their life that there was a lot of positive in the world. Whether they took that or not, that was on them. You know, the whole “you can lead a horse to water” thing. Quite a few did. If I made a difference in at least one person’s life then I did my job. I saw a lot of good there, surrounded by a lot of bad. I worked with some good people and made good friends despite the agency being run by what myself and a lot of people consider incompetent egoists. I am glad I left when I did because it has not gotten any better.

Making the decision to return to my job with the Navy was huge. I worked for them from 2001-2006 and learned so much. My mentor was tough but fair. Still is. I left in 2006 because I wanted to promote, but I would have to leave California. I couldn’t leave at that time and have no regrets that I stayed. Those years with my mom, grandparents, and family are times I can never replace.

In 2012, after over five years with the probation agency it was time to promote. The biggest openings they had in years. I applied and after they tried to change the rules in their people’s favor, I got an interview and then a second interview. I wound up not getting the promotion. They told me “not enough understanding of evidence-based practices.” This was odd, because my whole career had been supervising caseloads using evidence-based practices so I did not understand. They did not explain. Imagine if you were a mechanic and specialized in working on Mercedes-Benz cars. You could do any type of car, but you were really good at Mercedes-Benz. Then they are promoting someone to lead mechanic. You interview and when you don’t get it they tell you it is because you don’t know enough about working on Mercedes-Benz.

The people they did promote could not explain what evidence-based practices were. One of them told me that at their interview they answered that they had no idea about evidence-based practices but were willing to learn. My other assets were not as big as hers though and I was not in their club. Ones who did get promoted were nice and had a good smile and didn’t ask questions. Something I have been having an issue with since kindergarten (the asking questions part, overall I am a pretty nice). I was not pleased. I was frustrated, upset, and hurt. I had not had any major problems with the agency until then and thought people’s complaints were partly of their own volition. Now things made sense to me. I needed to take an evaluation of myself, my life, and my career path.

Shortly after that, I played golf with my old boss and another great friend and I asked my boss if he thought I could come back to this job. We talked and joked about it during the day. Going home and thinking about it some more I realized the opportunities I could take advantage of by coming back. Because the economy is not so great the only reason I would leave a smooth government job is for another government job. I still have retirement with the Navy, and I am six years more mature that I was when I left. I called him and told him I was not joking and was going to apply. I applied for three jobs outside of California and interviewed for one in Florida. I had been out of this job for over six years. I should not have gotten as deep of a first look as I did. Something my parents have always taught me is be cautious of your reputation as it is all you have. I built my reputation up during the five years I was with the Navy and because of that, I got an interview. I didn’t get the Florida job, but they pointed me towards a new position that was being created in Bremerton, WA.

I did get that job, and during the time where I had to make  decision to accept, I also got a call from the probation agency that I was getting another interview for a promotion because they had a few more positions open up. The truth was that they had to interview me because I was still on the list. They had someone else in mind for the job but I was still hopeful about another chance. I interviewed again and like the previous time I got a call that I did not receive the promotion. Instead of being upset and disappointed as I was the first time I knew it was time to for me to leave. There was nothing more I could do there.  I’m still there in some part:

This is where this journey started in October 2012.

5 thoughts on “How did I get here?

  1. What’s up Noah! Miss me yet? I’ve read your other post, you write really good! I’m glad your better, happier and moving forward bud! Miss the golfing and bs-ing with you playboy. Well take care bud.
    P.S. love the pictures.
    Your friend,

    • What up! Of course I miss golfing and bs-ing! Thanks for checking out my page. This will be updated as often as possible with all my traveling that is coming up. Take care!

  2. Noah!

    Thanks for sharing your trials and adventures. I appreciate your attitude and insights. I wish you nothing but happiness! It IS often the simpilest things in life that make you the happiest. I believe that happiness is feeling like you are where you are supposed to be; kuddos for the move!


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