Last Night at Trillium Heights

I already posted something today, but am sitting here waiting for laundry to dry and dishes to finish washing and realized this is my last night in my apartment. I knew nothing about Washington when I moved here. I have family and friends in the area, but Bremerton was not their chosen vacation destination.

When I was offered the job here, my dad was on his annual motorcycle ride to see my aunt in Kenmoore, WA. I quickly looked up several apartments on the internet and asked him to go check them out. We quickly ruled out Bremerton as it was a bit sketchy. He came by the road here in Silverdale where there about 10 different apartment complexes. That was the only knowledge I gained as to what apartments looked like. I continued looking on Craigslist, rental websites, and anywhere I could about areas to live. I finally set on this apartment complex, Trillium Heights.

Luckily enough, the area is full of military people so they are used to having renters who don’t live in the area doing all the paperwork over the phone and online. It was so smooth! They even allowed my friend to pick up the keys because I would not be getting into town until midnight. Everything was brand new, and really great. Dishwasher had problems and the dryer doesn’t really dry, but overall no complaints!

This apartment has meant a lot to me these past months. It will be weird to not come back to it again after tonight. So I sit here and enjoy a nice Omaha Steaks Filet that I got for my birthday in May and reflect on the times I had.

Thanks for reading. Love to hear from you! :)