Moving Day part 2

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Today was the second (and final) day of my moving. Yesterday all the stuff I am going to use in Bahrain was boxed up, placed in a wooden box, and will be shipped to me in Bahrain once I get a place to live. Today, another moving company came to box up and take the rest of my stuff and moving it into non temporary storage. It will sit there until I come back to the United States, whenever that will be.

20130821_144840After I moved everything out yesterday I figured today would be quick and easy. It lasted about 8 hours. I guess I had more stuff than I thought. The moving guys showed up about 9 am and checked out all the stuff I did not want to go to storage. Well, that was more difficult than I thought. Don’t give me options! I knew couches, bed, bookshelf and table were for sure going. I still needed to get together all my clothes and organize them into what I am taking with me on the plane, what I am going to ship to Bahrain, and what I absolutely don’t need. Sweathshirts, jackets, and long sleeve shirts they can all go into boxes and store away. The moving guys hustled andwere able to knock out everything in quick time. About 4:30 pm and they were finally done.


20130821_114833I checked into my hotel for the week and am now back at my apartment finishing laundry and cleaning stuff up. I was able to give away a few things and perishable food to a friend, and also have a donation box of clothes. I still have a lot to do and even more to process, but things are starting to feel real now.


I have another week to be in Washington before I head home to California for a week. Looking forward to seeing some friends and family up here before I get to leave.

I did get to go hang out on my patio during the sunset and was able to view another beautiful sunset through the fir trees and above the mountains. It really is beautiful up here.


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