Reflecting on a Year

bca1Not much going on this week, my car is doing well and waiting on the word from housing about my villa. Yeah, I said villa. Cool I should be moving in around the 21st. I realized the other day that this weekend marks one year since I left California. I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by.

As I mentioned in the about me page, I am probably the last person anyone would have guessed to leave California. I love it there. Access to the beach, great people, great weather, and that is where I call home. It was basically on a whim that the thought of even leaving California came about. Playing golf one day with my mentor and another great friend, I was not having a particularly good weekend. I threw the idea out there and a couple weeks later I really decided to go for it.

The end of September marked my last few days as a Deputy Probation Officer with Ventura County, and figuring there was no formal goodbye from the Agency other than an attempt by the Chief to make himself look good, I knew it was the right decision to leave. The next week was me packing up my small Malibu apartment and finishing all the things I needed in order to move to Washington.

On October 4, 2012, at about 11 pm my girlfriend and I left my dad’s house in Camarillo and started off on the adventure. Stopping a few hours later to take a quick nap, but trudging along through the night we made it to Silverdale, Washington in almost 24 hours straight. California is gorgeous in how diverse it is, the great beaches are just as beautiful as the deserts and amazing farmland that makes up the large state. It is fun to drive through the small little towns you only notice when you are on a trip like that. I wish we could have stopped more often to check out the little places, but we were on a mission!

4-F42BA25E-1107833-8009652614017_100ee0c79b_qThe next day brought a lot of hope as we drove around Seattle and tried to outfit my new apartment with goods. Later that afternoon was when we got into the bad accident that totaled DSCN3847_2my truck. Luckily we were both safe from injury and met some great people who helped us out in an unknown land. It was even more difficult having to see her fly off back home the next morning. I was alone in a new state and it was time to get things going. I started focusing on what I had to do.

I immediately started planning a surprise trip home for Christmas (which NOBODY knew about and was a great surprise for everyone!), and then met some amazing artists and began my adventures into photography. I got to live through my first snow fall, and (what to me) extreme cold. I traveled most of the state of Washington, and got in my sports as well. My buddy came up and we went to a Seahawks game, she came back and we visited the tulips and all over Washington, and my dad even came up to check out the beautiful sites. And lots of good beer. I got to spend time with my aunt and uncle which is always fun. I got to see pictures of my grandparents that I had not seen, and hear stories about them as well. I also got to be a hero. Twice! One night at Outback Steakhouse I performed the Heimlich on a lady choking on a piece of steak, and a couple months later pulled a little girl from the pool at my apartment complex.


Photo by ESI Media

Photo by ESI Media


I would have liked to have stayed in Washington longer, but this opportunity I could not pass up. My final drive home reminded me how much I love California and that it truly is my home. I needed to leave, however, and to say goodbye. While there were goodbyes missed and a cloud seems to hang over that trip because of those missed, it was a great time to see those friends whom I meant enough to in life for them to say goodbye.

I knew one day I may of left California, and possibly the United States, especially when I took this new job. I knew the day would come, but I did not know that one year later I would be writing this blog post from the Middle East. I could not think a year ago that I would be here talking about how much I love California and how badly I miss it. I miss my friends, I miss the beach, I miss so much about it. What an adventure this has been so far. Despite that, I am glad I said yes and getting to experience such great things.


Another part of this is missing my mom and grandparents. I often wonder what my mom would have said. She would have been excited for me, but thought I was crazy as well. My grandmother would have urged me to go. Then ask if she could tag along, planning to make a trip here to see the sights.


I am glad I get to communicate with all of you back home in some fashion or another. Although I know it is difficult to communicate back I thank you for reading. I am looking forward to enjoying another year and even more excited to seeing you all again soon.

Thanks for reading. Smile


3 thoughts on “Reflecting on a Year

  1. Nice blog Noah. I knew your Mom and grandparents well and I’m sure they are proud of the man you’ve become. Life is an adventure with lessons learned along the way. Embrace the experiences. It’s always better to look back on fond memories than to wish what might have been. Best of luck, Brad

  2. Hey Brad! Thanks for reading! Glad to hear from you. I am definitely embracing all of this crazy adventure that I am going through now. It is pretty great.

Thanks for reading. Love to hear from you! :)