Standing on the field at Fenway

I stood on the field at Fenway! All about my adventure in to Boston and around Fenway Park.

This week I have been on vacation, my first long vacation from work since I arrived in Rhode Island. My original idea was to travel back home. I had the dates picked, the flights figured out, and notified family and friends that I was coming home. Typical of me, I questioned if this was something I really wanted to do. Of course I miss California. I miss my friends and family and of course In N Out and some REALLY good Mexican food. As I got to really thinking about it, I realized it was not the time to go.

in n out shirt

Being away from home for me still feels weird. I really want to go, but there I have not really appreciated what being here and on this adventure really means. I know California and the places I would go, people I would see, and things I wanted to do. That was all planned out, but as I got to thinking about it I thought “am I going home for me, or am I going home for everyone else to see me?” It was a little bit of both, but in the end I realized I needed to really start exploring and appreciating being here. So that is what I have done.

I have been doing a lot of things, mostly just relaxing, reading, and of course updating my blog here. I looked into some adventures, one of which heading to Washington D.C. and New York. As I was planning that trip a friend sent me a notice that the Boston Red Sox were having a photography event. For $50 we would get access to the park and the photography staff. So of course I signed up! Boston is only an hour or so drive away from where I am, but parking and driving in Boston is ridiculous. Everyone takes public transportation, something that is totally unfamiliar to me.


The day before the event the rain started. Everyone on Twitter and email was wondering if the event would go on and even if the game would be played. On the day of the game I decided to skip the event. I would have had to leave my apartment at about 7 a.m. to get on the train and into Boston to make the 2:45 meeting time. With the game in question because of the weather, it was best to skip the trip and stay home. Disappointed….until….2 p.m.

I got an email that the game and the photography event would be postponed until Wednesday. The Red Sox would play a double header and the event would happen at 9:45 a.m. AWESOME! I had the whole day off and bought a ticket for the evening game as well. My first baseball doubleheader. I spent the next two days figuring out how I was going to get to the game. There are plenty of maps and suggestions and everything to help me, and I decided that I would take the commuter train from the airport 5 minutes from me and get to the park on time. That meant leaving at 6 a.m. to make the trip and a REALLY long day.

nikon photo

I finally decided that I was too unfamiliar with the train to know where to park, what train to take, all that stuff. So I figure I would go with what I knew and would drive to Quincy, MA and get to the subway train which I did know….barely…It worked out fine.

I felt more adult in a way. I was getting on the train with all these people who were heading to work, school, or other places. This might be the Californian in me, but the train fascinates me. All the people taking it and where are they going? What are they doing? What are their stories? Do people know each other just because they ride the train every day? I remember driving to work with my dad during the summers or vacations and I noticed the same drivers on the road every now and then. I felt like we were on the same mission, going to the same place. Pretty sure I looked like adumbass rube on the train with all these people who knew what they were doing. I was going on an adventure.

The photography event was great. There were all types of people there. Apparently a lot of people decided to try the weather on Monday and got stuck in the city with the late notice of the postponed game. I chose wisely. There were people with point and shoot cameras, expensive DSLRs, REALLY expensive lenses, and lots of egos. Wow where there lots of egos. People talking about how they use Photoshop, what they shoot with, why they shoot what they shoot, everything. I was just there taking it all in. I got to meet most of them and exchanged information, shared ideas and some techniques.

As I have said before, Fenway Park is amazing. So much baseball and American history in each brick and seat. We sat for a quick Q&A session with the two Red Sox staff photographers, a representative from Nikon, and another from Hunt’s Photography. Great people and really friendly. They were not the ones with egos despite the large World Series rings they were wearing.

They explained a photography ‘compettition’ that they would be judging with 3 winners getting their photos printed and framed at Hunt’s photography store as well as tickets to another game.

We were then split into 4 groups and taken around the park to 9 different stations with about 20 minutes at each to take photos. I had taken some time during the previous days to look through Flickr, and other websites to get an idea of what shots people had taken. Since the park is so old, there are not many “new” shots to get. I did not want to find too many shots that people had already taken, and maybe would try to put my spin or look for something different. Of course I had to get the obligatory shots from the green monster, of the retired numbers, Ted Williams’ red home run chair, and the stadium.

On one of the stops we got to stand on the field. I STOOD ON THE FIELD AT FENWAY PARK! I didn’t take too many shots there as much as I just took it all in. Just amazing. I don’t even know if everyone really did that, as much as they were trying to “get the shot,” but I just loved it.

The Red Sox played the Minnesota Twins, a team I had not seen play before, and I got a few game shots during the first game. Following that game I had a few hours to kill and went over to the bar across the street. With the photography event and at the bar I realized something I think I have mentioned before. Travelling and going on adventures is all about seeing stuff and doing new things. But what I have truly enjoyed the most are all of the people I have met. I talked with a guy from Minnesota who was here on business and it was his first trip to Fenway. Another older couple were there and it was their first game at Fenway together for years. One of the photographers I talked to was a chemist and another was a college student who was on his first trip to Fenway and probably his first baseball game it seemed. It is always great to meet these people on the travels I go on.

I may not have gone home right now, but I will be there soon. I miss everyone there and everything about California. It was just not the right time. Even if I had stayed in Bahrain, I would not have been able to go home until February/March of 2016. I look at being here now as bonus time, and before I leave here I should take advantage of all the history and places to visit. Again, HAVING FUN WHILE AT CAMP.

I have some more adventures planned and photos to take. The photos posted here are just a small sample. Check out all my photos at

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Thanks for reading. Love to hear from you! :)