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Whew…okay, so it has been awhile since I posted anything on here. Hopefully most have followed me on instagram @nspevak or Facebook

It is not that there has been nothing going on these past few months, just that I have been so busy with things (work especially) that I have not had much time to sit down and knock out a post. And when I did, I did not think it was anything that was very exciting, so I decided to just wrap up the whole summer into one post. So here it is…how I spent my summer vacation in Bahrain Part 1.


Guess this post would be best to start off with my birthday. First one overseas and really the second one I have truly spent away from home. Another difficult time, but it is the great people I have met here who made it better.

34th bdayThat night happened to be our yearly employee party and I decided to just stop by as the day had been difficult enough. I wound up staying longer and it was a fun time with all the employees who showed up. At the end of the night, I was ready to go and one of the Indian managers asked me to stay as they had one more gift to give away. I sat by the exit and talked to a few people when the DJ announced there was a birthday and I knew my low-key birthday plans were over. It was fun to have everyone sing happy birthday to me on that day. Made it a lot better.

last photo with mom Also in May was mother’s Day, which is another difficult time, and it has been seven years since my mom passed away, which also happened in May. So May is kind of a difficult month. My dad sent me two photos of my mom and I and I stitched them together. The first picture with my mom, and also the last one with her. Which is also the last picture of her.

At the end of May, I flew up to Naples, Italy for a work conference. Not too much adventures up there as it was just 3 days for work. Met a few people I had only spoken to over email. Also, I got to see another person who has been very influential and supportive of me and my career whom I had not seen in about 12 years. The job in Italy was posted, but I chose not to apply for it since 1) there are some challenges there that I did not feel I would work well with and 2) there is no hockey in Italy. Total deal breaker.

Port in Italy

Port in Italy

Flying into Germany on way to Italy

Flying into Germany on way to Italy









June was pretty crazy month. I have been very busy with work, but REALLY busy with hockey. We held the annual Fire and Ice 3v3 ice hockey tournament in Bahrain. We had 2 teams made up of Bahrainis, a team from Qatar (made up of Canadians), a team from Saudi (more Canadians), and my team that I put together which was all US players. All of our players were from the US, besides myself and one other all were active duty, and the other guy had no military affiliation at all. The tournament went for one day which turned out to be one LOOOOONG day of drinking and hockey. Which of course go together. We finished the night going out and celebrating which was of course even more fun.

Team USA

Team USA

Bahrain Ice Hockey (190 of 591)



I have a bunch of pictures here and more photos are up at I will post more onto Flickr when I can, but the Internet speed here is horrible.

Shortly after the tournament was Father’s Day and celebrated with a Skype session to my dad for a great day. I also bought him a great gift, which he was very surprised about.

Bahrain Ice Hockey (167 of 591)

Not only did we have our hockey tournament, but we started up the DHL Bahrain Ice Hockey League. Hockey has been in Bahrain for over 20 years and supported by not only the Bahraini hockey players, but the ex pats who have come through. Because of the small rink and small amount of players, there is little organization and we usually play quick pick up games. We started putting in simple things like off sides, which changed the way we played. Then we really started talking about the league. My friend really got going on talking to DHL about sponsorship and the rink about ice time. I got working on ordering the jerseys and a rough draft of playing rules. We set up 4 team captains and 4 teams: Raptors, Sharks, Grizzlies, and Warriors. My guys were the Warriors. We had a short time span that we needed to get the league in so that we finished before Ramadan. We took 8 weeks and had 2 nights of games.

Medals...with my logo

Medals…with my logo








BIHLlogo43At the end, we had a championship game between my team and the Sharks. I got pretty tired from referring the first game, and we did not play very well, but finished second in the league.

Oh yeah, I also created the logo for the league.

Here is the link for an article written by Stars and Stripes which went worldwide. Great press for hockey in Bahrain and for the league. Follow us at


More information to come. Part 2 will post here.

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