This week and Moving Day part 1

The past few days seem to be a blur. I got back from Nevada on Friday and had errands to run before getting home to start preparing for my moves this week. Saturday I got to see my good friend from California who was here for a vacation and a 10k with his girlfriend. We went to a great Irish bar in downtown Seattle, Fado, and then to north Seattle for a BBQ with his girlfriend’s sister and friends. It was a beautiful summer day for a BBQ and a nice distraction from the stress that seems to be creeping over me with the move, work, and other ridiculousness going on.

488043_10151522104951419_738004726_n-1536986_10151522105121419_1539739402_nAfter the BBQ, we went to another great bar in Seattle, The Angry Beaver. Yes. The Angry Beaver is a Canadian hockey bar in the Greenwood neighborhood. They serve poutine (fries with cheese curds and covered in gravy) and good beer. Okay, mostly Canadian beer, but they do have some good beer there.

The ambiance is great. Hockey memorabilia all over, and even “O, Canada” painted on the wall. Nothing against America, but “O, Canada” is pretty awesome. And Canadians know all the words. Do they stand there quiet? Do they mumble the words? No! They sing the song! It’s great! (check out the fan at :55)

Moving Day 1

If you know me, or have read the about me page, you know I have not done any type of “big move” in my life. When I moved from my small apartment in Malibu to Washington, most of my life went into a storage facility. I didn’t have much furniture other than a bed, clothes, tv, table, hockey and golf equipment. I have been able to accumulate much more since moving to Washington.

Today was the first day of moving. It was the day that all the stuff I have decided to take with me to Bahrain gets boxed up and packed then shipped to me in November. Tomorrow is when the movers come to take everything else and put it in storage where it will stay until I come back to the US. I did not know exactly what to expect, but I had a plan. My plan was soon shot down as I realized the pressure of what I was doing came into reality. My feelings can be expressed in the classic scene by Steve Martin as Navin R. Johnson in The Jerk.

The past few weeks I have been going through everything in my apartment deciding what I want to go with me to Bahrain, what I want to send to storage, and what I want to take to my dad’s house in California (which is prBox pre packobably news to my dad). What did I need now? What do I need in Bahrain? What don’t I need at all? It sounded easy. Apartments/houses/villas in Bahrain come fully furnished. So my nice new furniture I just purchased in March, going to storage. But what about clothes? I can only take so many clothes on the plane with me and would have to have something to wear from September to November when my shipment comes.

Due to my procrastination issues, I put some of the decisions off until today and decided to just “figure it out as it goes along.” It went pretty well. The movers showed up with a large wooden box in their truck and lots and lots of boxes. Very overwhelming.

The guys were cool, a large Hawaiian guy named Hans, and another not so quite as large or talkative Hawaiian guy whose name I did not get. When I signed up for the moving company I needed to give an estimate how many pounds my s tuff would be. I guessed 3,000 pounds. I guess wrong. My stuff barely fit in the large box they brought and they are moving t to a smaller one and then sealing it before they send it. I guess I don’t have as much stuff as I thought.

 The box gets sealed and then placed in storage until I call with my address in Bahrain and give the okay for them to ship it over there. Thinking this is where my stuff is going for now.

Now I have to deal with my storage movers tomorrow. I also have to pack up a bunch of clothes and mail them out to a friend in Bahrain so that I can limit my load that I will have to take on the plane. Since I won’t have access to my storage facility while I am gone it is a lot of pressure to decide what I don’t need for the next couple of years.

We will see what happens with Moving Day part 2 tomorrow.

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