Week 10: Thanksgiving

thNothing special this week. Thanksgiving week and things are kind of crazy.
– Be thankful
– Alice’s Restaurant

Be Thankful

Of course everyone is thankful this time of year. Some are thankful for just a long weekend, others thankful for things such as health, family, shelter, and friends etc. I ask that whenever you sit down wherever you are that you take a minute to think about, pray, or whatever it is you do, to think about those who cannot be with their families this year. Somewhere there is a table with an empty seat for whatever reason. There may be many reasons, but take special consideration for those who are overseas making sacrifices to stand guard in front of the U.S. flag and for that which it stands. Some will never make it home, some will be back soon, and some won’t be back in years. Take a minute to add all of those who are away from their families and be thankful for all those around your table celebrating this weekend. Add me to that if you wish…I am simply doing my job…supporting the warfighter. Proud to do it. Thankful for them and what they choose to sacrifice.

Alice’s Restaurant

The one true Thanksgiving Day song. With a special message as well. I grew up with this song and play it during this time of year. My mom always loved Arlo Guthrie and his message.
There is a long movie, but this is a fun illustration video someone made. Enjoy.


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Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family.
Miss you.

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