Week 5: Eid Mubarek…


What a crazy week! It was a holiday week and there was so much going on. On top of that, we had VIP in and had to entertain after work. More coming next week. Next week = Villa! Rest of this week:

– Eid al-Adha
– Parking and Honking
– City Center Mall
– My villa

– To You

Eid al-Adha

This week is the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha. The best that people have described it to me is similar to Christmas. There are two Eid celebrations. One that breaks fasting from Ramadan, and another after the eleventh Islamic month, which is around this time. It is a giant celebration and everywhere there are sales, or parties going on. Needless to say, my brothel/hotel is hoppin all night long. The disco is still going and it is 3 am right now. According to the Ministry of the Interior Twitter feed, the week long celebration has brought in almost 277,000 people to the island. About 90% drove in from the Saudi Causeway, the next largest flew in, and there must be a cruise ship in port because a handful came through the port as well. Eid Mubarek! Laughing

20131017_210429(1)Parking and Honking

People don’t know how to park here. Or maybe they do, and I have been doing it wrong the whole time. People take up two spots and do not care. It is not because they have a nice car and don’t want it scratched, it is because they are just taking up two spots with their POS car. It is ridiculous and will piss you off to no end. 20131019_145015

Then, in the parking structures, they block off sets of spaces for car wash guys who will wash your car during while you are shopping. People all over the place are impatient and they honk for EVERYTHING. Even if they are the last person in line to exit the parking garage, they are honking. That sets off other people. Does it work? Nope. Still slow as hell. And annoying. More on driving in another post.

City Center Mall

I got out to see the Bahrain City Centre mall. 4.5 million square feet of retail floor area.The place is amazing! 3 stories of selling space, basically every store you can imagine, and even ones you could not. I was absolutely blown away.

Here are some other stats:
– 11 Coffee Shops
– 12 restaurants
– 20 food court units (McDonald’s, Subway, etc)
– 4 smaller units serving juice, ice cream, and other items
– Indoor/outdoor water park
– 20 screen movie theater
– 5,500 car parking complex (which is some twisted engineer’s dream)
– Bowling Center











For those of you in California, the Pacific View Mall in Ventura is about 1 million square feet of selling area. In Seattle, the Southcenter Mall has 1.7 million square feet of selling space. No, it is not the largest mall in the world, but it is very impressive. And very clean, too! We went there during Eid, and the place was packed. Yet, you did not see trash anywhere, dirty tiles, or anything. It was spectacularly clean. Very impressive.

My Villa

So finally, after 40 days and 40 nights 🙂 I moved out of the brothel/hotel and into my nice fancy villa. I am working on a cool video to show you, but here is a pic of the front entrance for now.


The stats:4 bedrooms
5 bathrooms
Formal living room
Large (for Bahrain) pool
Outdoor shower
Covered parking
American washer/dryer

Like I said, more to come as I move in. 🙂

To You

You lied. You will rationalize what you did however you can to make seem as if you did not, but you did. I know it and so did you. I gave you every opportunity to tell the truth, even asking you straight out, and you lied to me. After all this time, after everything we went through, you chose to hide and lie. Did you not think I didn’t know?


I should have known you would have done this. I should have known, since after years of friendship, and relationship, you still could not even admit that you knew me much less even talked to me. Although we spoke several times a day, every day, despite our distance, when someone asks if you talk to me your answer is “who?” AND YOU THOUGHT THAT WAS FUNNY! Did you really think people did not know about us? Really?! People knew. You decided to allow some group of asshole’s rumors from years ago become your reality and define your opinion of me/us. You knew the truth, and yet you still chose to let them win. You still do.

I was your biggest fan, your strongest supporter through everything. Ask them. You know who I am talking about. You won’t though, because the truth does not fit your story and that just will not work for you. I stood up for you against them and their crap they brought to me. I fought for you and never EVER spoke badly of you. Even when others did and when they questioned you. Again…Ask them. After all of that, what did I get for all of that? Lies. Lies. And more lies.


You chose this. You chose to run and hide and lie to me. You chose to not even say goodbye or tell me the truth. I was merely a placeholder for you this whole time until you decided to run further. The distance sucked for me too. I changed everything in my life, yet all I still supported you. I thought you were being honest. All I have now is the thought of what other lies were out there. It is not from hatred or spite or anything evil that I write this, it is from the hurt and deceit that I have been put through.

You have no idea how difficult the time leading up to me leaving was, and I doubt you even cared. Knowing you were pulling this shit made it twice as hard. Apparently it was easy for you to forget whatever we had and what we had gone through. Everything. The distance made that easier for you I suppose.

You can go on and on about all the different reasons you did what you did, but it all comes down to the fact that you lied. That is the truth. For someone who is so big on being lied to, and being right and honest and trustworthy…you lied. BIG.

I had random strangers and people whom I barely knew support me on this journey, and say good bye. What did I get from the one person I shared this whole thing with all this time? A text saying ‘good luck with everything.’ Why even that? Why even fake the effort? Bullshit.

Now you get to put everything out there and how much better off you are now that I am half a world away and completely out of the picture. Someone I put so must trust into, and believed was a total different person than who they possibly really are, has burned me. I guess I see now what they were talking about at times.

I thought you were different than others I had known before, and that shook me more so to realize that maybe you are not. Maybe you still are, but it is still hard to believe that the person I spoke to every day for so long, and shared so much with, is a totally different person. I guess that is my fault for giving you that part of me.

Maybe one day you will see that person I saw, and grow into being comfortable with who you are and can be. Until then, I guess I will just be known as that placeholder.


…thanks for reading…

Thanks for reading. Love to hear from you! :)