Week 8: Hockey in the Sandbox


Sorry it has been a couple of weeks between posts. It has been quite a few weeks. Lots of ups and downs. So here is week 8.

– Changes. Lots of Changes.
– New site
– Travel bucket list
– Ice hockey in the sandbox
– Villa video

Changes. Lots of Changes.

When I told people I would be moving to Bahrain there were few, if any, that told me it would be a bad idea or that it was going to be difficult. Living overseas has been quite the adjustment. Language is not so much a problem because so many people speak English. Food is….okaaaay. I guess it is just the change that I am not close to home or that I have the ability to get on a quick flight home. I am feeling the changes. I always wondered what people who left town or the US on an adventure went through and why once they got the travel bug they didn’t want to give it up. I get it now. It is amazing and people back home can’t relate. You become a stranger in your own home. Positives and negatives I guess. Anyways, more on that in another post.


New Site

I have launched a site specifically for my photography. www.arkmanphotography.com is where I will post a selection of my photos which will also link to my flickr account. This is going to be to share just photos and also serve as a contact for people here in Bahrain to get ahold of me. I already have photo shoots lined up and a lot of people at work are interested in learning about photography. Maybe start my own Flash Mafia group out here? Too be determined.


Travel Bucket List

I have never really had a travel bucket list. I guess I have informally, but never wrote it down. Well, I am starting now. I have some places I want to visit overseas, and also a lot of places in the US I have not visited. So this will be ongoing.

– Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day (plans are in place now)
– Munich for Oktoberfest (plans in place now)
– Italy. Naples was eh. I want to see Rome, Vatican, Venice, stuff like that. Maybe sometime next year.
– Greece.
– Russia. (Try to get some genealogy stuff done too. Also, I looked into Olympics next year, but too much $$ and no guarantees for events.)
– I would so go running with the bulls in Spain.
– Sweden/Norway those areas always interested me.
In the U.S. I have so many things to see I can’t even imagine them all right now. Even overseas, these places are just a starting list of places to see.

Ice Hockey in the Sandbox

They have an ice rink in Bahrain. Yes. An ice rink. Now, it is not the biggest place, about 2/3 the size of a regular rink. The ice sucks. It got really bad really quick. The ice around the boards is raised anywhere from 1/2 inch to almost 2 inches. Dangerous. But it is hockey! The first night I played was last Sunday. We did about 30 minutes or so of drills then 3 on 3 scrimmage. I went again tonight and it was all scrimmage. 3 on 3, and some 4 on 4 is just exhausting. It was non stop pickup, but so much fun!!! Really going to enjoy this. There are about 3 different travel teams out of here and tournaments go on in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and some in Europe.



I have played hockey since I was 14. I have played at the Great Western Forum, the Staples Center, and multiple rinks in California and Washington. I never thought I would say I have played hockey in another country, nor in Bahrain. I can now say that I have and I love it.


I really needed to play hockey. The past 6 months have been really crazy and emotionally draining for me. I go to the gym as much as possible, but it just doesn’t do it for me. Hockey is the answer. It helps so much and feels so good to play. The guys are funny. They really love the game. It is true that sports is a common language.

Villa Video

I know I have promised a walk through of my villa, but I am having some delays in making it. I may be traveling soon and it will be delayed again. I promise I will get it out soon.

Hope you are all doing well. Miss everyone!

Thanks for reading…

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  1. So glad to hear you’re back on the ice and playing. Even better that you’ve met good people who love the sport as much as you do. I’ll keep reading if you keep posting. Take care.

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