Week 9: Tree of Life

Week 9 in Bahrain. I got a little site seeing done while working this week. Also, a video I made from my time in Seattle, and some information you may not know.

– Tree of Life
– Veteran’s Day
Filling up my pool
– 12 things you didn’t know


Tree of Life

In Bahrain there is not much to do or see over a period of time. You have to make things up yourself and find your own adventures. The island is really small and since the oil is basically dried up, businesses come here for banking. The rest of people come here to basically sin. The saying here is that “Allah does not see Bahrain.” So the repressed people from all over the GCC come here for weekends of debauchery (which is from Wednesday through Saturday).

There are some interesting landmarks, however. They have the interestingly shaped Arad Fort, the Grand Mosque, and the Tree of Life.

Bahrain Fort

Bahrain Fort

Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque

The Tree of Life is this huge tree in the middle of nowhere. It is about a 30-45 minute drive from the capital in an area that makes the drive from LA to Vegas seem as though you drive through downtown New York. The tree grows sideways mostly and is supported by posts. Sadly, it is littered with trash an covered with graffiti and etchings. It is fed by an underground spring and most people think it is a joke to see. While it is not the most AMAZING thing in the world, it is a great place to take some photos.  Here are a few.

IMG_1166-39IMG_1167-40IMG_1159-2 IMG_1154-3

Veterans Day

Last May, Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran’s of America (www.iava.org) had a Twitter campaign they called #GOSILENT to draw attention to Veterans and their issues coming back after the wars. My photography group, Flash Mafia, had a meeting that Sunday and I organized a shoot with two great people, David Lebreque (US Navy reservist and veteran) and Christy Cloud, with assistance of Daniel Waugh. We did a couple of scenes and I put the shots together into a movie to Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence. We have all gotten a lot of great responses from this project. Please feel free to share.

Filling the Pool

I don’t think I shared this before on here, but this happened to me a week or two ago. My pool was a bit low and I figured I would fill it up. So, one afternoon about 4 pm I turned on the hose and left it in the pool. And forgot about it. The next morning I woke up and went outside to enjoy my breakfast and I saw it. The pool had overflowed and my front yard was wet. The water drained into the street and left a nice little pool of water in the intersection where I live. OOPS. Someone called the houseboy who came by and checked to see if everything was okay. I think next time I will leave the filling of the pool to the pool cleaner.


12 Things About Me

So the newest trend on Facebook is a thing where you are given a number and you list the number of things that people may not know about you. It is kind of fun, so I thought I would share it here for those who don’t have Facebook.

1) In 7th grade, I spoke in front of Camarillo City Council on Flag Day, using a speech I used to compete with as a Los Altos speech kid. I have a copy of the speech somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it. I still remember parts of the speech. Toastmasters asked me to join them, thinking I was in high school. There is also a video of this at my dad’s house.

2) I earned a state medal in computer repair my senior year of high school.

3) I get dressed from left to right. Except my socks. Those are right to left. If I do it differently I stop and redo it. I once retied my hockey skates because I put them on wrong.

 4) A couple of years ago, I started going to church and investigating faith. Something I always wanted to learn more about, and have continued to explore since then. I am excited to learn more about those in which I do not know, especially in other countries. Also, I am in the process of reading the Bible in a year. Something I started twice and had to stop. Getting through it now. No, this does not change my feelings on many topics.

5) I have HUGE trust issues. Mainly because of things that have happened in my past, and probably because since I was 19 years old I have been working in industries where all I deal with is people who lie to me. I break it down 60/40.

6) The first stitches I ever got was when I was in first grade. I dropped a pickle jar on the floor and the glass cut me below my right big toe. I still have a small scar.

7) I broke my right arm in 5th grade getting out of bed. I had the top bunk and would get down by using the desk chair in our room. One day the chair moved.

8) I started college an architecture major, something I did in high school. I stopped studying because my instructor told me that despite studying and competing for three years, I knew nothing about what I was doing. The next semester I changed to criminal justice.

9) I eat M&Ms, peanuts, and other things in 3’s. I don’t know why, just because I do it. Part of my OCD probably.

10) I am not as liberal as many people think I am. In fact, nobody really asks me about what I believe, they only assume, and therefore they truly don’t understand where I stand on many subjects. However, it is nice to be overseas and not reading or hearing all the BS on TV and newspapers from either side.

11) Growing up, I wanted to be scientist and find a cure for AIDS.

12) My dream job would be to run a program like Make a Wish or worldwide charity organization that brings peace and happiness to people around the world. I guess that is why I enjoy my job so much now, our mission is to bring the feeling of home to service members and families who are so far away from home.

13) I have never been to Boston in the fall. (Just an extra in there for fun.)

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  1. what a dick that architecture instructor was to tell you that. the shape of the buildings in the world lost CJ gains and now NEXCOM/NAVSUP!!
    Good stff PFer.

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